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Hey guys.....our 2011 Cor has some scratches on all sides of the car...more so on the deck and rear area....probably from the previous owners love of the brush type car washes. So I took it to the guy who over the years has worked wonders on my Fords/Hondas using machine buffing. He does an awesome job. But those were older cars with the older style clear coats and such. I've heard everyone is using new paints/clear coats which haven't been great. it okay to do a machine buffing on the car?


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Sure - the newer water based clear coats can be a little softer than the older finishes, but you can still machine polish them just fine.

I hit mine with a DA machine from time to time to get the really stubborn scratches and environmental contaminants out.

If the guy hasn't tried it on the newer surfaces yet, have him start someplace inconspicuous first - or start with the least aggressive compound first, then go from there.



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Okay good to know. I'll ask him just to be sure but I'm sure he's done these new clear coats as he does this full time. He wanted to remove a few small dent but I said no thanks....last time a body shop did that on my Ford the paint failed there. I'll be happy just to get some of the scratches out and have it detailed up.

Thanks Fish!

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