Toyota Corolla Specifications and Model Year Changes, 1998-2018

2013-18 Toyota Corolla

(Engine specs) • Table below is from 2018; measurements are in inches unless specified otherwise.

The drag coefficient varied by model:

Length x Width183.1 x 69.9
Ground clearance6.7
Headroom, F/R*38.3 / 37.1
Leg room, F/R42.3 / 41.4
Shoulder room, F/R54.8 / 54.8
EPA passenger volume*97.5 cubic feet
EPA cargo volume13.0 cubic feet
Fuel capacity13.2 gallons
Oil4.4 quarts
TowingDon’t try to tow!
Stabilizer bar, F/R0.94 / 0.79
Steering ratio17.8:1
Turns to lock3.19
Turning diameter35.6
Front brakes10.8 disc
Rear brakes9.0 drum or
10.2 disc

* Without a sunroof

2018 Toyota Corolla curb weights

All 2018 Corollas had bi-LED headlights, with integrated LED daytime running lights. Base wheels were 15-inch (P195/65 tires), with LE going to P205/55R16, LE Eco to P195/65R15, XLE going to P205/55R16, and SE (and XSE) to P215/45R17. There were jsut three wheel sizes: 15 x 6 steel (L, LE Eco), 16 x 6.5 (steel or aluminum), and 17 x 7.0.

The CVT had a range of 2.480 to 0.396; in reverse, 2.604-1.680. The six-speed ratios went from 3.638 to 0.619, with a 3.33 reverse gear; the differential on CVT was 4.76:1, on manual 4.214:1.

2012 Corolla specs

1.8-liter four-cylinder DOHC 16-Valve with Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence
132 hp @ 6,000 rpm
128 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,400 rpm
Five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmissions

Overall Length: 179.3 in
Overall Width: 69.4 in
Overall Height: 57.7 in
Wheelbase: 102.4 in
Ground clearance: 5.8

Curb weight: 2800 lb
Fuel tank: 13.2 gal
MPG (city/highway/combined): 26/34/29

2009 Corolla specs

1.8-liter four-cylinder engine
132 hp @ 6,000 rpm
128 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,400 rpm
Five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmissions

2.4-liter four-cylinder engine
158 hp @ 6,000 rpm
162 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,000 rpm
Five-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmissions

Overall Length: 178.7 in
Overall Width: 69.3 in
Overall Height: 57.7 in
Wheelbase: 102.4 in
Ground clearance: 5.3 (XRS grade); 5.8 (Standard, S, LE, and XLE grades)

1999-2003 Toyota Corolla Specifications

Note: we are only including changes from 2002 models; 1999 specs are further down the page, and older specs are on our history page. The Corolla really seems to blow away the Civic in specs, and certainly does well in passenger comfort.


The 1.8 liter engine produced 130 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 125 lb-ft of torque @ 4,200 rpm - on regular gas - between 2003 and 2005 (in 2006, rated power fell to 126 hp). The 2003 is faster than the 2002. It uses Toyota Direct Ignition (TDI) and other tricks for ultra-low-emissions status. (Direct ignition should not be confused with direct injection.)

2003 gas mileage: 32 city, 40 highway (5-speed); 29 city, 38 highway (automatic)

2004 gas mileage: 32 city, 41 highway (5-speed); 30 city, 38 highway (automatic); 26 city, 34 highway six-speed XRS manual

U.S. Army Engineer Tan Nguyen wrote: "The 1ZZ-FE (engine) changes for the 2003 Corolla is primarily the larger I.D. throttle body and the switch to the plastic intake manifold shared with the Celica and MR-2 Spyder which has the shorter intake runners. If the North American market had the Direct Injection, the engine will be labeled 1ZZ-FSE, with the 'S' signifying Direct Injection."

Brakes and wheels

Front disc diameter: 10.8 inches (swept area: 157.5 square inches)

Rear drums: diameter 7.87 inches, swept area 58.4 square inches

ABS optional on most models

15" wheels now standard


Wheelbase: 102.4
Overall Length: 178.3
Overall Width: 66.9
Overall Height: CE: 57.5 LE, S: 57.7
Minimum Ground Clearance: CE: 5.7 LE, S: 6.0
Coefficient of Drag: .296

Hip Room (front/rear): 51.9/46.2 inches
EPA Passenger Volume: 90.3 cubic feet
EPA Class: Compact
Maximum Trailer Weight: 1,500 lbs

The Corolla's getting to be as big as the Neon and Civic...with better reliability... (all models tested have four doors). Note how much faster it is than the base Civic! The Neon is considerably faster than either the Civic or Corolla, and handles better, but gets relatively poor gas mileage (comparable to Elantra). Neon's due for a "refreshing" in 2003. New Cavalier and Saturn are also coming with a new 2.2 "Ecotec" engine.

2003 Corolla 2002 Civic 2002 Neon
Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear
Headroom 39 37 40
EX: 38
EX: 36
38.4 37
Legroom 41 35.4 42 36 42 35
Hip room 52 46 51 50 52.4 53
Shoulder room 53 53.5 52.6 50 53.4 53
Trunk space 13.6 cubic feet 13 cubic feet 13 cubic feet
HP Torque HP Torque HP Torque
Base engine 130 125 115 110 132 130
Optional engine (Civic: EX only) 127 114 150 135
Civic HX has 117 hp, higher gas mileage ratings; 2003 Neon SRT to have 205 hp.
Gas mileage (EPA) City Highway City Highway City Highway
Base engine, manual trans 32 40 33 39 27 33
Base engine, automatic 30 38 30 38 24 31
Optional engine, manual 32 37 27* 33*
Optional engine, auto 31 38
Performance (manual trans.)
0-60, base engine 9.5 sec (AAA) 10.4 sec
(Cons. Guide)
8.1 sec (AAA)
0-60, optional engine n/a 9.0 sec (AAA) 7.9 sec (Grassroots)
Handling (AAA ratings) 7 (LE) 7 (EX) 8 (ES or SE)
Emissions ULEV ULEV [unknown]
Base price

$12,568 CE to
$13,383 LE
(without options)

$12,670 - $19,000

About $10,000 (S)
to $14,000 (R/T)
after rebates

2002 model year changes

Pricing for the 2002 Corolla is actually lower for popular option packages. The CE starts at $12,568, while the LE starts at $13,383, at least $2,000 less than in the past. Otherwise, the 2002 Corollas are identical to the 2001 models.

2001 model year changes

The 2001 models have better headlights (4-beam), new front and rear styling, new fabrics, and, in some models, map lights on the rear view mirror and dual rear cup-holders with a larger rear center console. The VE is gone, replaced by a sporty-looking and bare-bones S model whose price ranges from $13,000 to $17,000. Gas mileage is slightly better. An inside-trunk safety release has been added. (Because the S model is pretty much an option package, we will not dedicate a page to it).

Bob's 2001 Corolla CE

1999 Toyota Corolla specifications: Engine

Gear Ratios

Manual Transmission

3-Speed Automatic (VE only)

4-Speed Automatic


Four-wheel Independent MacPherson Strut suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars


Front (in):     Vented disc/10.0
Front swept 
area (sq. in.)  190.3
Rear (in):      Drum/7.9
Rear swept 
area (sq. in.): 58.5
Total swept area 
(sq. in.):      48.8
Parking:        Center hand brake
ABS:            Optional


Type: Power rack-and-pinion
Ratio: 18:1
Turns (lock to lock): 3.27
Turning circle (ft): 32.2
Wheel 4-spoke urethane (with tilt on CE/LE)


CE and VE
Wheel size (in):5.5 x 14
Type & material:Steel
Tire size:      175/65R14
Type:           All-Season steel belted radial
Spare tire:     Temporary
Tire size:      185/65R14
Spare Type:     Full size compact spare tire


--Dual airbags

--Available side-impact airbags

--Available child safety seat (CE,LE) - good luck getting one!

--3-point front shoulder belts with pretensioners and force limiters

--3-point rear outboard and center shoulder belts

--ALR/ELR feature on all passenger seatbelts

--Available Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

--Side door impact beams on all models

--Front and rear crumple zones

--5-MPH bumpers

--Daytime running lights with automatic control

--Soft upper interior


Engine oil (qts):      3.7
Cooling system (qts):  
         Manual        6.1
         Automatic     6.0
Fuel tank (gal):      13.2


1 year/12,500 miles service adjustments
3 years/36,000 miles comprehensive
5 years/60,000 miles powertrain
5 years/unlimited miles corrosion perforation

Dimensions in inches

Wheelbase: 97.0 Overall length: 174.0 Overall width: 66.7 Overall height: 54.5 Tread width - Front: 57.5 Rear: 57.1 Min. ground clearance: 4.7 Coefficient of Drag (cd): 0.31 Headroom (f/r): 39.3/36.9 Legroom (f/r): 42.5/33.2 Shoulder Room (f/r): 52.8/52.2 Hip Room (f/r): 50.5/51.2 EPA passenger volume: 88.0 cu. ft. EPA class: Compact Cargo volume (cu. ft.): 12.1 VE Curb Weight CE Curb Weight 5M 2414 5M 2426 3AT 2403 4ECT 2503

5-speed: Add 12 pounds for CE, add 45 pounds (to VE weight) for LE

Automatic: Add 100 pounds for CE (four speed instead of three speed), 122 pounds to VE weight for LE

Fuel Economy (EPA)

City / Hwy
Manual: 31/38
3-speed auto: 28/33
4-speed auto: 28/36

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1999 Toyota Corolla specifications