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1987 toyota corollas

Toyotas that aren’t Corollas: Everything else Toyota makes

Last: Is the 2018 CAMRY a good lease option? (673 posts)

Toyota and Corolla News

Last: Toyota world's most valued brand?

All around Toyota Corolla / Matrix, Chevy Nova, and Pontiac Vibe talk

Last: AC Issues/2016 (53,376 posts!)

Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

Last: 2006 Corolla S performance mods (classic post);
Last post, 02 engine to 97 won't start, by prizm97


Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”): Except for 2018 Hatchbacks

Last: Willow got chewed? (479 posts)

Current (TNGA) generation: 2019+ hatchback, 2020+ sedans

Last: Is it true that the 2020 … by jmccargo121

Toyota Corolla, Chevy Prizm (1998-2008)

Last: 2006 Corolla Upgrade Speakers; 7,362 posts

Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm: includes the rear drive Corollas!

Last: Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder Replacement - 1990; 1,345 posts

Toyota Matrix

Last: Is it Worth it to Buy A High Miles Matrix? by autotech2612


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