Driven: Toyota Corolla Test Drives and Reviews at Corolland

1999 Toyota Corolla

Our first review is from a car we actually owned and drove every day on our 55-mile commute: the 1998 Toyota Corolla. This covers the 1998-2002 series. On the same page, we also have a 2003 Corolla review for the 2003-08 generation. We didn’t ignore the Toyota Matrix — here’s our 2003 review.

2004 Corolla S gauges

In the same generation, we review the 2004 Corolla S and the sporty 2005 XRS. The next review covered a new generation of Corolla, the “cost-cutter” 2009; we looked again at the XRS.

2018 Corolla

Finally, we went all the way to the future and drove a 2018 Toyota Corolla, the last of its generation — and a stunningly well equipped car, even in base form.

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