Coolant Capacity - '05 Corolla


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Going to change the coolant on my '05 Corolla LE which has 81,782 miles on the clock. Still has the original factory coolant (pink stuff), so it's time to change it out.

I'm going to get the Toyota SLLC (pink) coolant, but wondering if I need to buy one gallon, or two?

The Toyota fluid spec chart shows 6.9 qts capacity for the '05 Corolla (see chart below), but does all of it drain out? No sense buying two gallons if one will do the job.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!



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Depends on if you want to just drain and refill or do a coolant flush. Drains and refills - might only get about a gallon drained out, possibly a hair more. But the capacities also don't take into account the coolant overflow/reservoir tank. I'd by two gallons - that way you won't run short and have some left over to replace the coolant in the reservoir. Stuff is good for 5 years/100K miles under ideal conditions - personally, I haven't pushed 3 years/60K miles on my SLLC formulation - to me, not worth the risk.


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