Confusing electrical problem


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Hello, I'm new to the forum.

2005 Toyota Corolla CE. ~210,000 miles.

My Corolla had been running well, (except for the AC) Then it sat unused for 6 weeks or so. I tried to start it and it was completely dead. I had the battery checked out and charged and Autozone said it was a good battery. I checked, cleaned and tightened the battery cables. Checked as many of the ground wires in the engine compartment as I could find. I checked the fuses in the engine compartment and under the dash. I found 2 that were blown and replaced them. Now, when I insert the key, I get the door chime, but no dome lights. When I turn the key, the lights in the dash come on, the engine turns over, and sometimes it will run for about a second, but then it quits. If I spray starter fluid in the airbox, it will run for 5-10 seconds. I checked the fuel pump and it is working..

The other things that aren't working are the lights (headlights, taillights, stoplights), the dome lights (it does work when I turn it on, but not when the door is open), the clock, the radio, the wipers. Also, the shift lock won't unlock. I borrowed an OBD II reader, and plugged it in and it wouldn't come on, I suppose that means there is no power to the OBD port.

There is no aftermarket alarm or anti-theft system. I have been under the dash, and I can see no frayed, cut or chewed wires and no other evidence of a mouse/rat.


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