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Good sales month

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Toyota reported a good June 2018 in the USA. Toyota and Lexus both had record light truck sales for June and the first half alike. The Highlander went up by 21%, the RAV4 by 11%, the Tacoma by 31%. While the Tundra is barely noticeable versus F-series, Silverado, and Ram sales, it did hit 9,955, which is good for a vehicle that hasn’t been updated in so many years. 

Here are the numbers we have for June 2018 in the USA:

  • Camry, 28,215
  • Corolla, 25,947
  • 4Runner, 11,569
  • Tundra, 9,955
  • Lexus, 23,750 (down 3%)
  • Toyota (brand), 185,852, up 4.4%
  • First half: Toyota+Lexus+Scion = 1,189,312 (up 3%)

Competitors: FCA gained by 8%, reaching 202,264 for June, 1,115,476 for the first half of the year (up 5%). Ram, comparable with Tundra, reached 43,542 for third place in light duty pickups. Maserati is estimated at under a thousand sales for June, no real competition for Lexus yet!

Ford hit 229,537 for the month, including 9,534 Lincolns; while Ford ships a lot of pickups, Toyota does better with Lexus than Ford with Lincoln.

GM only does quarterly sales and in any case hasn't reported in yet. 


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