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Engine Swap?

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I really want to engine swap AND turbo my 99 corolla (auto). I was looking at the 2zz or the 4age black top. What one would be easier with also being able to turbo easily after? What is everything that I would need?

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Why not keep the 1ZZ-FE and run forced induction on that? The 1ZZ-FE engine is actually pretty stout (forged crank from the start) when it comes to forced induction - the key is in the tune, without a proper tune, doesn't make what sort of engine you swap in there.


You haven't mentioned time, budget, who will be doing the work, expected power gains, etc.? Also, will this car be solely used for track use or will it be your daily driver? Depending on where you live at - a swap may not be legal (emissions standpoint) and will be a no-go for most shops. You can do the work yourself, but if your local does emissions testing or state inspections - they could fail you and you won't be able to register the car for street use (I found out the hard way years ago.)


Before you get too far down this build - need to beef up two critical areas in the car - brakes and transaxle.


The automatic transaxle is what will kill you on this deal. That transaxle design will only hold up 200-250WHP - some have been able to internally beef up the transaxle, but with the costs associated with that - you could have swapped in a bullet-proof E-series 5-speed manual transaxle. At the very minimum - you'll be looking at auxillary cooling to pull transaxle fluid temps down and a trans-shift kit - which is an assembly of plates, springs, and check balls that reduce the time between shifts. Shifting will be more direct (ie rough) but the reduced shift time will cut down on heat building up from shifts.


Brakes - even with aftermarket pads, the brakes on the car are pretty minimal at best with stock power. Boost the car - now you'll need some stout brakes to pull the car down. There are a number of possible options here - all depends on your budget, who will be doing the work, and how much time you have for this project.


If you are set on the engine swap - ie, the existing engine is trashed and non-rebuildable - them my money will be on the 2ZZ-GE engine. Same footprint and major plumbing as the 1ZZ-FE engine, well known to take to bolt-on mods, and quite a few were successfully boosted on untouched, stock internals. 4AGE blacktop has a legendary following and well know history - but you'll need to do more modifications (electrical and fabrication) to get it to work. MAP and OBD-I are the least of your worries on this direction of build - plus the ultimate power gains were shown to be less than what a comparably worked 2ZZ-FE will do.


If you want to go through this much work with a 4AGE - might as well go big and run a 3S-GTE - already mated to an E-series transaxle, known to be bullet-proof, and already boosted from the start. Wiring it in is another matter altogether - but there are options in that regard as well (dependent on emissions / registration regulations in your area).

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