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Driver Feet Heater Not Working, Wheel Alignment

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#1 cori



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Posted 26 October 2010 - 03:09 PM

Hi all!! :)

new member, and yes I have read the "new member" note. unfortunately i just got the car and it didnt come with the owner's manual.
a little about the car: manual trans, 222xxxkm, corolla 99 VE.

ok so far, i need help about 2 things for now:
1. my driver's side feet heater does not work.
my a/c, rear defroster and heater (aside from the driver feet side) works great. the feet heater on the passanger side works great too. im wondering how i can fix this? is there just a switch to turn or a pipe to connect somewhere? i don't know much about cars so please help me..

2. wheel alignment
my car is pulling to the right while im driving so i had it checked out by a mechanic when i went for an oil change. he did verify that this is wheel alignment and he offered to do this for me for half the price of other shops, the catch is, he does not have the machine for wheel alignment. he said he can do it manually because corollas are easy to align and does not really need a machine to do it... im trying ot save up as much as i can thats why his offer sounds tempting. (i need a new clutch) .. please advice... should i take his offer or just spend more money with a machine?

please advice.. thanks a lot guys :)

#2 fishexpo101


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Posted 26 October 2010 - 04:20 PM

1. Sounds like there could be an obstruction in the vent by the driver's side feet - or that tube that runs to the vent is perforated, cracked, or otherwise disconnected from that vent.

Quick test - does any appreciable amount of air flow from that vent, regardless of HVAC setting (set to A/C, set to defrost, set to heat, different temperature settings, recirc mode, etc.) I'm asuming that the passenger side vent and rear vents (they exit under the front seats, floor level, if applicable/equipped) all work just fine.

2. Sounds terribly suspicious, I'd pass if I were you.

Sure, there are ways to align the car manually - do not have to use a fancy computerized jig, you can do it with some white spray paint, a known straight edge, some blocks and a couple of bubble levels and/or plump bob. But being a front wheel drive car, I wouldn't even attempt it unless I needed to get that car "close" enough to safely make it to a dedicated shop. In that case, I'd ante up the extra $50 or so to have it down right (plus they usually have some warranty period on it as well). Shop around - should be able to find a shop that will do it right in your price range. Otherwise, that money you "saved" will likely go toward replacing tires that have prematurely worn down from an "eyeballed" alignment.

Same with the clutch replacement. I know that money is tight, but sometimes you just can't skimp on those things. Call around, shop around - should be able to find some better deals. Pretty competitive market out there, they need to work to pay their bills as well - some business is better than no business, just keep at it. Don't sacrifice getting good work down, to save a little money.

#3 cori



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Posted 26 October 2010 - 04:34 PM

ok so i tried to feel for air by the pedals and there seem to be (very) little air blowing from it...and yes all other ducts work well... so i guess this one is an easy fix? ... hopefully it is...

thanks for the the input fish :)

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