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Car Wont Move In Drive Or Reverse!

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 05:06 PM

Help! So my car won't move in drive nor in reverse or any other gears. What happens in when I put in reverse mph goes up to 5 then when I put in drive (stand still) speedometer goes up to 20 mph but the car wont move! So I jacked up the car and the front left axle popped out so easy like a breeze, then I took a look at the c-clip and it was smooshed into the groove of the axle. But here's the weird part when the car is in park it you can move it by pushing even if it's in reverse!!! Posted Image..... So i was thinking of popping the transaxle cover off and take a look inside what's going on. Or should just replace the whole trans with new axles??????? Posted Image

Thanks for your input and looking into this thread.

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#2 fishexpo101


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Posted 07 September 2010 - 06:59 AM

Definitely sounds like atleast one axle will have to be dealt with. As far as being able to push the car in gear or park - in gear I can see, these cars will not be able to hold themselves on a hill in gear - must use parking brake/wheel chocks. As for pushing the car in park - that sounds like a broken parking pawl inside the transaxle.

Could be a number of things here. Could be as simple as the selector rod is not engaging drive (try the other position like L). If the car doesn't want to pull forward at that point - look for broken axle(s), stripped out splines in transaxle, or gummed up valvebody/damaged solenoids. You didn't mention if this was a 3-speed auto or 4-speed auto, also, any history on the car, how often the transaxle has been serviced, etc.?