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Fs: Toyota Celica St165 Calipers-rebuilt

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These are dual piston calipers from the ST165 Toyota Celica Alltrac, they will directly bolt onto a 93-97 Corolla, a 94-99 Celica ST, and should also bolt directly to a 98-02 Corolla and probably several other Toyota models.


Included and pictured are a set of NEW brake pads for the calipers and one un-used (but opened) caliper rebuild kit with all the seals and boots and clips for another pair to be rebuilt. One caliper has been cleaned up with a wire wheel, the other was not. Both will need new clips to hold the pads, I'll include the 3 that I got with the calipers but they are worn and old and should be replaced. Calipers are ready to bolt on and use once the slides are lubricated and bleeders installed.






asking $100+shipping.


willing to meet upto 25-30 miles to sell, damn i have a sexy knee.


forgot to mention, brackets are included and pictured installed to the calipers.

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