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Park/neutral Switch In Ca

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My wife's 1997 Mazda 626 Automatic got a "check engine". The car seems working fine. A mechanic checked and told me it's due to "Park/Neutral Safety Switch". He tried to put some cream(grease) on it (charging me $90)and it didn't work. And he offered me a choice that he will buy a brand-new one from his friend, who has close contact with Mazda. He said the switch is only available from the dealer. The price would be $150. Do you think the price is reasonable? Is it possible for me to purchase the part by myself? How do I know I get the correct part(the mechanic said there are 3 different types for 1997 Mazda 626). It seems that you have some experience with this part. I really appreciate your input. By the way, is it very difficult for me to DIY?







I roamed the local junkyard today and only found Mazda 626 and other cars that did not have the switch.

I think the car is too new to have one similar on a car at the junkyard.

My friend works at Mazda and using his discount, ordered one from the dealer.

It cost me $50 and won't be delivered until Friday.

I would have tried to repair the old one, but it came apart when I took it off.

The car was not safe to drive with the bad switch and I wanted to match it up, if I got another.

I got the numbers off it to get from the Mazda dealer.

More to follow.

You can get the part yourself.

Check the local junkyard for one. I paid $14 for my Corolla switch.

Take your old one off the car and get the number off it.

Replace with an identical one.

Fairly easy to change, a connector, two or three mounting bolts and a nut for the shift cable bracket.

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