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Looking For A 1993 Corolla With A 1.6l 4a-fe Engine Needs A A131l

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My project car needs a transmission.

Anyone have a parts car or an extra to sell (cheap).

I plan on installing the transmission, the drive axles and then sell the car.


Here are some pictures of the transmission removal etc, also me when I was in the process, first one is a slide show, the pictures are in reverse chronological order - just the way photobucket adds them -









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I ordered a transmission and it is supposed to be on the way. It was not cheap.

Who knew that a 3-speed without overdrive is hard to find and also more expensive??

I put the car in the garage yesterday. I went back to work on it today.

The car is now up on car ramps and jack stands, with the tires off and also no disk brakes, and the brake assemblies hanging by bungee cords.

I had removed the wheel well splash guards and also the engine splash guards.

Today I also took off the crossmember and am waiting for a transmission.

The engine is supported by a 4 X 4 under it. Pictures tomorrow.

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I called Cherry Auto Parts to check on the transmission.

Their website claims they ship within 24 hours. I ordered the tranny on the 12th.

They gave me the number of their shipper and it is being picked up tomorrow and delivered Thursday the 20th.

They are in California - had I known the tranny was here in CA, I would have gone and picked it up myself.

Perhaps it took them 6 days to locate a suitable transmission? Is their website false advertising?

It will be over a week between ordering and receiving the transmission.

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The tranny arrived (my friend delivered from his Midas store) tonight (thursday).

It only took 8 days to get to my house - not bad for shipping within 24 hours.

I wish I could have ordered it directly from the place in California -

would have saved a lot of time and expense. Instead I had Cherry Auto as a middle man.

At least the transmission is in my hands and I can fix the project car.

Tomorrow is installation day!!


On first impression - looks exactly what I need, totally dry and very clean.

Includes dipstick, tubes to radiator, all sensors and contacts and fittings needed.


I will take some pictures before I start the installation process.


P.S. Still not sure what to do with the old one (or whether it is good or bad).

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