Usb Charger Stopped Working On My Camry😭😭


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the Motorola g Android used to get today it stopped although data transfer is still good...

charging through cigarette socket still works!!

any circuit or fuse for this ??




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Possible it could be a fuse - but I don't remember seeing one on our 2016 RAV4 - which would likely have a similar setup to your Camry Hybrid. Had to get a multimeter in there unless you got one of those USB-fan out plugs - to check for 5V power.

If you have a low current draw USB device - that should be able to tell you if you have power on it or not (like mini USB powered Christmas tree or other light-up device). Could be the power board for the USB - ironically, not all of them will have a thermal cutoff - I've seen a couple of laptops/desktops that have the USB burned out because their mobile device drew too much power. Most of those circuits are limited to 500mA max.

The wires that run to that USB plug are incredibly thin (smaller than 30 gauge) - I wouldn't be surprised if they broke off/snapped up under that much of a current load.



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good to hear from you fish...I know you will always give advise even on your deathbed..

with your last gasp of consciousness..

I went to dealer today..they told me the USB design for Apple devices not for charging...

need to plug into socket right beside the USB port..



I know Karate, Kung Fu, and 47 other dangerous wor
Really!? That makes no sense - if it didn't provide power, it wouldn't be compliant with the USB spec.

With an aftermarket cable - I could see that having an issue. As some of them are wired slightly differently internally - some are wired like an OTG cable - which may or may not work with some devices.

My wife has an iPhone with the OEM Apple lighting cable and it charges (slowly) from that USB port. I have an Android - same thing, charges, but pretty slowly. Unless Toyota did something remarkably different, electrically, between the Camry and the Rav4 in the USB connectivity-wise.


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