Just discovered that trd made an sc for the corolla:

• Maximum HP gain @ 6750 RPM = +40HP

• Maximum torque gain @ 4000 RPM = +38 for details

Kinda pricey at $2995
but doesn't void factory warranty

Although I would prefer the celica gts engine and trans in the corolla for 3 g's.



New member
Looks like with the torque boost in the midrange, the Supercharged corolla could make a good run with a stock Celica GTS. Hmmmm.... looks interesting. I wonder how much it hurts mileage? Depends if the comptuer can keep the car runnign lean. IF the max gain is 38 @ 4000... and the torqu curve is relatively flat with the VVTi, then I'm guessing peak torque is around 150-155.

I might have ot seriously look at this, sounds like a great way to make a fun little sleeper car or make it haul A** with a trailer.


Lethal 7

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Does the piggyback chip that comes with the chip also raise the rev limiter? They kick in at 6400-6500 RPM, before the peak at 6750RPM.


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