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I just bought a set of new tires and then found out that the tires were made on 0215. Correctly me if I wrong, is that mean the tires were made on the second week of January 2015? If so, in general is it acceptable for tire shop to sell tires to customer that are 11 months old?

Any thoughts & opinions on Falken Ziex tires?



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Correct - assuming these tires were made after 2000, the 4 digits at the end of the DOT code indicates the manufacture date.

As for being acceptable for a tire shop to sell you an almost 1 year old tire? Hard to say - as there is nothing in the books that prevent a shop from selling you an older tire, even though there has been solid studies that show unmounted tires, even stored in optimal conditions, still age and breakdown with time.

Tire itself is probably OK - but I'd be more concerned that you basically lost almost a year of warranty. Most tire manufacturer's that I've dealt with go by the manufacturer date, not the "in-service" date of a tire. You'd have to research if Falken does this as well or not - I don't know off the top of my head.

Might be able to get the tire shop to make amends and get you a fresher tire. Up to the shop and how persuasive you can be. I generally get my tires online - last couple of sets I got from Tirerack - they were only a couple weeks old!.

As for the Falken Ziex tires (assuming ZE-912 model?) - haven't run that particular one myself, but have run other Falken tires - I've had lots of experience with their parent company - Sumitomo - Falken is considered their "motorsports" brand. It was a decent all-around tire - good performance in wet and dry, but as a "performance" optimized all-season tire - terrible in snow and when it gets really cold. Don't know if they changed the rubber compound - but they tended to wear down really fast for me. Dry performance was pretty good, probably the best aspect of the tire. But they also tended to run a bit noisey and didn't have clean characteristics at the limit compared to others makes.


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