Khameleon Coolant Safe For '05 Corolla?


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Hi all,

I just went to Valvoline to get the oil changed on my 2005 Corolla and also decided to get the coolant flush while I was there. Before heading in, I did some research on the Valvoline coolants, and decided that the Zerex pink coolant would probably be ok for my Toyota. After they started the flush, I asked what coolant they were using, and they told me it was called "Khameleon", which I had never heard of. When I got home, I did a quick search and found out that it is a recycled coolant product made by Safety-Kleen, and is not made by Valvoline. Now I'm a bit concerned that this coolant is not going to proect the engine as well as the Toyota Super long life that came with the car. Does anybody else out there have any experience with this coolant, or know if it protects the engine as well as the Toyota SLL coolant? I had the coolant changed once at 100,000 miles at a dealership, and this is the second coolant change. My car has over 216,000 trouble-free miles, and I hope I haven't made a mistake by going with a generic coolant! Thanks for the feedback..



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My only concern is what they mean by "low-silicates", as the Toyota Pink stuff is silicate free.

Toyota pink (premixed SLLC - super long life coolant - 5yr/150K miles (or 100K miles, depending on application) - the pink coolant is ethylene glycol based non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrite, and non-borate coolant with long-life hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT). Toyota Red coolant is ethylene glycol with a dye pack (red) with extra reserve akalinity for extended life - generally sold undiluted, full strength coolant, dubbed a LLC - Long Life Coolant - 5yrs/60K miles (or 30K depending on driving conditions).

Most cooling systems are pretty tough - you could pretty much run any type of coolant, as long as you flushed the old stuff out. Shops like running the Khameleon coolant as it so lightly dyed, that it won't turn your coolant into some weird mud colored coolant. If mixed with existing coolant - majority of the time, probably "OK" - just don't count on it lasting as long (lifespan wise) when mixed together.

Make sure they got the coolatn reservior tank as well - lots of places forget to flush that.


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