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What's up, new here. I have a 1994 Geo Prizm. I couldn't find any Prizm or Geo forums so i join some Corolla forums.

My names Travis, i'm 22, and i have a few cars.

The 1994 Automatic daily driver Geo Prizm 1.6 4-AFE with 192,000 miles and runs great!

This is my 1986 VW Jetta. I'm building it from rolling shell up right now.

This is my 1981 Chevy Silverado. 355SBC, 400hp, TH400 trans, 12 bolt 8.8 inch rear end.



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The Preo Gizm looks great... So, what's your question?

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Hmm, i really didn't have any questions. I'll think of one.

How hard is it to swap in a 4AGE?

What/where should/could i go for turbo parts and tuning stuff? I know it's only a 4AFE, but i want to have fun sneaking up on people in a poopy Prizm.



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Nice mix of vehicles there. Reliable Japanese import, extremely moddable European, and venerable American muscle. Pretty similar to my upbringing - cut my teeth on domestic muscle cars, toyed with german engineering, and finally jumped on the import bandwagon (first Honda, then Toyota).

The 4AGE is not bad of a swap - uses the same mounts as the 4AFE. Your model is made before OBD-II was mandated, so wiring will be significantly simplified. The harder part is to find a good condition 4AGE powertrain. From there - have to decide which vintage or flavor of 4AGE you want - small-port, big-port, blacktop, silvertop.

There are kits for the 4AFE engine - bolts ons are spread all around, but not a huge selection for Toyota in general compared to other import manufacturers.

Like most of the 7th and 8th gen Corollas/Prism - they benefit the most from suspension, tire/wheel, and brake work. Even a very slight upgrade in springs and struts, better tire compounds, lighter wheels, better friction material for brakes - can have a significantly marked impact on performance, since they were setup for economy from start. Already a pretty light car to start out with - any chassis modifications to lighten the overall curb weight and stiffen the body works to your advantage. Basically, you are playing with the car's innate advantages of a smaller, lighter, FWD layout.

Engine modifications - that will require a significant investment to unlock some power. You can help with the standard treatment - intake, header, exhaust work - but those will generally improved engine response and overall sound - not really unlock a significant amount of power. One of the biggest hurdle in most Toyota's is their conservative tuning on the ECM. Unlike other manufacturers, which can take user flash reprogramming - Toyota ECMs are locked down pretty tightly. You'll have to run a piggyback EMS or better yet, a standalone EMS system to make the most of your modifications.

The 4AFE - even though it was designed for economy, is a pretty stout engine to start building from. Some have been able to run turbocharged examples well past 200WHP on the stock engine + serious tuning. The transaxle will be the weak point in the powertrain, as they will not hold for long if you are pushing past 150-175 WHP with either the automatic or 5-speed transaxles. E-series 5-speed transaxles from the Toyota MR2 and some older Camrys - those have a reputation of being bulletproof. Used on some pretty high HP examples, some that are pushing 600+ on boost.



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Thanks for all the info!! I like having different cars. I'm familiar with 4cyls, v6's and v8's but never had a Toyota 4cyl.

This was my old Neon, junkyard built pushing 180whp. I put a bumper on it, don't worry haha.

Mod list:

2.4 EDZ Stratus Motor

2.0 DOHC Neon Cams

2.7 V6 Rocker arms

PT Cruiser Lashers

2.0 DOHC intake

ATX Throttle body

An actual good working Cold air, didn't suck in engine heat.

3:55 HD 5 speed Trans

OBX long tube header

PS/AC delete

EGR delete

Smog snip deleted

Balance shafts removed

Custom 2.5 inch side exit exhaust.

I may do a swap or boost this one in the future, but that's after my Jetta is good running and reliable.

I may do handling and body stuff for right now. I don't really want to waste the time doing anything to the motor.

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HA HA! That's great - awesome job!

Should have left it as it was - can't imaging what people will do when they see that coming towards or behind them on the road.

Too bad Chrysler killed it off - that car had potential, did fairly well in club racing events especially with their ACR trim level of the Neon. Hopefully the new Dodge Dart selections will bring that back, as the previous chunky Calibre models went too far in the wrong direction.

Funny to see another primer painted Honda CRX. Looks just like the one I had, but a more embarrassing color palette of factory blue, burgundy and battleship great primer trying to stave off the rust punching through the body panels.



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I agree, the 1G Neon's were awesome. Cheap, simple, and handled well. I also hope the Dart brings that back. I like the new Darts.

That was my buddies cheap boosted D series CRX. I beat him that day at autocross! haha

Just recently the Geo started to have a faint knock, we're pulling the Oil pan tomorrow and checking it out. Possibly changing some bearings, it's my daily and is an awesome daily. So i want to fix it and keep driving it, i don't want to scrap it or sell it. I was 1000miles from an oil change, it was only around a quart low, and i was driving to my buddies to change it when i heard it. I did an oil change it it got quieter but was still there =/

Is there a build thread section on this forum? or could/should i just continue this thread with build thread stuff? I love forums, and love posting.


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