How Off Must Timing Be To Bend Valves?


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My 1ZZ-FE just jumped one or more notches on the timing chain. I don't know if physical engine/valve damage has occured. The car made it home ok (not much loss of power, but the exhaust sounded like I was driving a million-watt subwoofer). This happened about 1/4 mile from home so it's only been driven that far while it was "out of proper time".

The mechanic is 1/3 mile away and I have an appointment next much am I risking if I drive it there? Or should I have it towed instead?

Is the mechanic just going to fire up the engine anyways?



04 Corolla CE 5spd
You removed the valve cover to confirm this? Exhaust valves are more prone to colliding with pistons, especially if valve timing is retarded enough. There likely already is damage, judging from its alleged exhaust noise. It could cause much more damage$ if you start engine again before it's repaired.

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