Got A Few ?'s About My New '05 Xrs



I have just bought my first new Toyota after dealing with unreliable albeit fast Volkswagens for the past 6 years. Two Jettas, one 2.0GLS (Slug), and a Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T with plenty 'o mods..20psi worth and way to much money to think about. I started autocrossing the Wolfsburg A month after I bought it and got hooked on the sport, So I bought a REAL sports car...An 87 MR2...After wrenching on this car a bit (Clutch, Rod bearings, Koni's and Coil-overs, etc...), the quailty of this little car brought me over to the land of the rising sun. I dumped the UberWagen which had become relegated to daily driver duty...very unreliable daily driver duty...I had to drive the MR2 with street rubber on it to work more times that I cared to. I hope this corolla gets the same kind of service life as my MR2 has...164k miles and counting...20k of which have been by me and they have not been easy miles
I whoop on this car and it just keeps running...

Sorry..I'm getting off topic, Here are my questons:

1.What is the offset and centerbore of the stock 16" wheels is....Looking to plus size into a set of lightweight summer rims/tires.

2. How many miles have you left the break-in oil in there?

3. Anyone found a way to disable the reverse warning beeper (God that is annoying, I'm used to left and up from the VWs)

Thanks in advance!



I just bought an XRS 2 days ago and I am wondering if there is a break in period? Am I suppose to go easy on the car for the first 1500km or so? And if I am, what is easy? Under a certain speed or rpm?


Reverse beep is retarded. Should be an on/off button so the lamers can still use it and people who know how to drive can turn it off. This car has more beeps then a southpark episode.



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Yeah, go easy at first. Vary your speed, no jack-rabbit starts, no hard braking...your manual has all the advice you need for your break-in period.



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I have falken torque 5s (17") with Azenis St-115s (215/45/17.

Very Very Good.

I'm going synthetic either after 1000 or 5000. Haven't decided.



I didnt really realize i needed a break in period. I have varied my speed alot but have gone 160km/hr a couple times in the first 500km. I hope this didnt hurt it. I havent reved it extremely high but I work at a ski hill and gotta climb for 25km so the revs get a little high. I dont know if i jack rabbit start, I defenitly accelerate fast but i dont put the pedal to the metal. Damn I hope I didnt hurt my XRS.

Also I am getting horrible gas milage, I hope it improves...


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