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Corolla forum,

The factory tires were Bridgestone insignia se 200 89s. They were decent tires. Lasted good. I heard Michelin tires are real good they last a long time. Does anybody know a good tire for my 05 corolla that will last long. Should I try Michelin. Never tried them before. Go back to the Bridgestone or try something else.

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If you are looking for a long wearing tire with a softer or quiet ride - a touring class tire sounds like it would fit the bill.

Usually you can look at the tire warrant and UTQG to see if this will be a long running tire or not. UTQG rating will look like: 560 A B or similar. The first number is the treadwear rating, first letter is traction grade, second letter is temperature resistance grade. Note that the UTQG is best compared to tires within the same manufacturer - as their testing methodology would be the same. Between manufactures - more of a guide that actual gospel truth of tire performance.

That said - if you compared a (200 AA A) to a (600 A
tire - this would indicate that the second tire would wear approximately 3 times longer than the first tire. But the first tire has significantly more traction and better temperature resistance. Would be basically comparing a high performance tire to a touring tire.

Myself - I'm running Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position tires - they are rated at 400 AA A. Compared to your OEM Bridgestone Insignia Se200 - which are rated at 380 B B. That means if you installed these high performance oriented tires back to back to the OEM ones, the RE960s should wear better than the OEM tires (~ 5%), Based off of previous performance of this sort of tire - I'd expect this tire to last 30K-40K miles. Though like they say - your mileage may vary.

More info on UTQG:


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