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Hey, I spotted this in my local classifieds:

1986 toyota MR-2 $10001986 toyota MR-2.RED,2 seater, 1.6L twin cam motor, A/C, great heater, good interior good body.unsure mileage, someware between 140k-170k. really good sporty car, good tires, sunroof, neon lights, APC shift knob, all in all a very dependable car. drivers side window does not roll down.
Would you say it's a good deal?

I also spotted a 1993 toyota celica for 750.00, it needs some work.

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Pretty good price for a MKI MR2 - but you won't know for sure unless you look at it.

But since the person added neons (not cool on that kind of car), APC stuff (acronym well known for A Pile of Crap), the car has probably been beat to death. That combined with "unknown mileage" and bad window regulator - means an automatic pass for me.



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I spotted a '95 corolla for 3,500. It's got about 35k on it, and I'm thinking of calling the guy up and taking a look at it. What are some key things I should keep an eye out for (I'm fairly sure what to look at, but want to know what you'd pay attention to)



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Take a step back and look. Make sure the body parts line up, the paint matches, doors open and close easily, and the tires show even wear. Check for rust in lower panels, rocker area, inside the door jam. Check for cracks and damage to glass, rubber bits, any moulding, etc.

Check under the hood for leaky hoses, worn belts, and dirty oil. Automatic transmission fluid should be clear and reddish, and not smell burned. Check fins in radiator - should be clear and deposit free. Use correct fluids - oil seems thicker than normal, coolant is Toyota red, etc. The usual - body condtion (interior / exterior reasonably clean). Listen for any excessive valvetrain noises, any rod knock, funny rattles, etc. Take off oil cap and peer inside the valvecover or pull off PCV valve - look for deposits and varnish.

Check electricals - ignition key to accessory and make sure all of the warning lights and gauges work. Start the car and check all lights and accessories and make sure no warning lights remain lit on the dashboard. Play with everything on the dash to see if anything is broke. Any MIL that stays lit is suspect.

Road test - anything that is off (vibration, rattle, etc. determine if can be easily fixed or not).

CARFAX is your friend. Any car that had odometer tampering or salvage rebuilable title - is not worth your time, unless you like to work on it all the time.



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Carfax is always a good idea - for $12-20 it's definitely worth the price. Um, make sure the MIL goes on and then goes off when you turn the key! A clever dishonest seller may take out or break the bulb.



Yeah carfax was really nice to have when we bought my car because we saw the car was serviced at some major work done....also good to check speedo....worth the money


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