Corolla D4D No Fuel Coming Out From Injectors

Albert Manyisa

New member
Hi. Please help me, I got a corolla d4d engine not running. I checked all the fuses the car crancks but it doesn't run also there is no voltage on the injectors plugs so no fuel coming out from the injectors..... Help.



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No power mean the injectors are not passing any fuel. Verified that you are getting good fuel pressure to feed the injectors?

Possible this is an ECM issue, hard to check without access to a specific scan tool / spare ECM. You may have to back trace all the wiring to make sure it isn't an issue with the wiring itself (power, signal, etc). Could be something as simple as cracks or other damage in the insulation around the wiring shorting out, electrical noise confusing the ECM, etc.

Electrical diagnostics can be a nightmare - best you can hope for is visually spotting damage to wiring, that way you can pinpoint exactly where the issue is. Otherwise, you'll have to spent some time with a multimeter and check all the wiring.


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