4afe Powdercoated Red Valve Cover- $55 Shipped To Lower 48


This cover was stripped then coated with 3 coats of red metallic powdercoat. PM me with any questions. My Webpage
Looks really good. Do you do any other colors? Is it high temperature paint? Can you do other parts as well? What is your rate?
It is powdercoating, not paint. I have almost every color you can think of and I can do pretty much anything metal.
Does it hold up to high temperatures??



New member
Does it hold up to high temperatures??
The nature of powdercoating allows it to hold up to engine temps nicely. It isn't paint it is actually beads that are melted onto the part. The melting temp of the beads is higher than any temp the valve cover sees, and so it would never melt off.



Sounds like I should take my car apart and have every piece powder coated and then re-assemble it. Certainly would improve the appearance.


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