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By Bitter, January 10, 2011

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And she is a DOG. DOHC 2.0 combined with the Ford automatic transmission....what a stark contrast from the Celica.

Doh! What is that 2.0L engine rated for - 125-127HP'ish? 4-speed auto? Hopefully more reliable than the previous generation 626 automatics, as those were pretty bad. But I think they still shared the same shifting strategy, which didn't make use of the available power. Probably not a whole lot bigger than your old Prism, interior size wise.

This going to be a project car or a daily driver?

it will be for road trips and winter driving.

Actually its WAY bigger inside than the Prizm was. Yes, about 125hp/tq, tq peaking at 3000rpm but very steady and usable. Yep, its a ford trans..feels just like one. 107 on the clock and well taken care of, very well taken care of. Just such contrast from the Celica...but its a good car. It all works except one power mirror and it drives smooth/nice. Will be needing some motor mounts soon and a J-pipe from where the flex is going to rust away at the welds, but overall in great shape. Shifts are predictable, firm and very consistent and it sips the gas.

Just funny how different it is driving though, I roll into throttle on the Celica and it goes faster...roll into throttle on the 626 and it just makes more noise. Any rotation of the engine after 5000rpm is just for show since it does nothing and the same can be said for any application of throttle beyond 75%. I'm finding myself driving UNDER the speed limit and not realizing it now.

Nice! Least it should be pretty easy to keep up / maintain. Maybe possible upgrade to the 2.5L V6 down the road default_biggrin

Nice! Least it should be pretty easy to keep up / maintain. Maybe possible upgrade to the 2.5L V6 down the road default_biggrin
no way in hell. nice engine, but its a pain to work on and needs premium gas...and the CD4E doesn't seem to take well to that engine. I'll take the gas sipper 2.0...hell I'd rather have a VVTI 1ZZ-FE under the hood default_tongue



195 thermostat in, granted what I took out was 180 and original..but the heat is hot. It hurts my hand hot and only cools slightly at idle from unbearably hot to hot and is like this on any blower speed. Awesome!

Forgot to mention, was due for an oil change so I did one while it was on the rack for the thermostat. Running Mobil1 0W-30 full synthetic, seems good. Cranks faster, starts fast, runs smoother and feels like its 'looser' when cold, no extra noise. Running a slightly oversized filter, a VO39 instead of a VO54. Same gasket and thread size, but the 39 is longer and bigger around. takes exactly 4qts now, which makes oil changes very very easy!

the 0w-30 at about 30F (was in the cold car) pours just a little thicker than 10W-30 at room temp. Its not as thin as I had thought it would be, but much much thinner than 10w-30 would be at 30F and still thinner than 5w-30 at 30F. I'll run it for 6K and then send a sample to blackstone.

btw, the Valvoline filter I used is a regular Champion E-core type. Valvoline has changed over to Purolator filters now, so future filters will be Purolator. default_smile

Not a bad idea! Especially the temperatures the way they are now. Maybe work it under the OEM seat material for an OEM-like upgrade.

Yeah, with filters bigger is usually better. Great that it uses 4 quarts on the nose - I hate having those fills that are not quite 4 or 5 quarts, but not close enough that if you do fill up it will be way overfilled.

Hmm. Did not know that Valvoline switched to Purolator - good to know.

Let us know how that UOA looks, be interesting to see what the levels are at and what the slightly hotter T-stat will do.

So my horn came in today. You don't realize how big 15 inches long by 3 inch wide at the trumpet mouth is until you see it.

I'm sure any seat heater will feel nicer than no seat heater. I briefly had a cheap heated seat cover in the old Geo and it was nice. This having both butt and back pads will be nice. I need to wire it up so that it won't stay on if the engine is not running, probably tap the same wire I did to trip the foglight relay. I also need to figure where to mount the switch, I have to make a large hole for that.

Thankfully I have a friend with experience doing auto upholstery to help me install them physically, I can do the wiring. page with horn sound!

That horn is AWESOME! Just what you need to wake up a driver that is not paying attention and driving over into your lane / driving stupid. Similar price to Hella disc horns that I got some 8 years ago.

That is a HORN! Yeah, you are totally right, the dimensions doesn't really register until you have it right in front of you. Should have plenty of room in the 626 though for it.

Now if it were just less cold. I've got all the wiring, fuses, connectors, but I don't know what lengths I need to build the harness first so...I have to make time to build the parts of it to connect together with bulk wire on the car. got a 30 amp fuse holder with 30 amp fuse, some 12 gauge wire to goto the relay and compressor from battery and ground, and plenty of lighter wire to tap the horn feed and ground the relay.

I think tomorrow I'll try to get a start on that in the afternoon after work, it should be about 10-15 degrees warmer then. I'll also (or instead) try to mount the 00-02 headlight to check fitment to get rolling on the HID retrofit.

Going to need tires soon-ish, the ones I want come in 195/65R14 and stock size is 185/70R14. the wheel is 14x5.5, will a 195 tire be OK on that? I'm pretty sure it will be just fine but I want to make sure, or should I try to find them in OEM size...I know they come in that but I'm just going off tire-rack and what they stock. I know they come in that size since I have 2 bald ones and 2 1/2 bald ones sitting on the old Geo from the person I traded wheels with.

or they used to, not even dunlops website lists that size anymore. Ok, so is the "+0" size ok here? some oneline places say its OK, a 195 tire is fine for between 5 to 7 inch wide wheels with that side wall height. I'm 99% sure, but some feedback is welcomed!

default_sad Cement tongue under sliding barn door frost heaved up a little due to the extreme cold and the door won't open or close if I did get it open. Nothing happening today.

BUT because I'll go insane if I have nothing to do or work on I've pulled the 3rd brake light off, taken some measures, and asked someone who makes custom LED stuff for a rough price quote on a custom board with high intensity red LED's to fit into the 3rd brake light. I asked for it to be bright enough to scare the person behind me and leave a rectangle burned into their retina like a camera flash does.

In the mean time, I'm going to put some foil into the housing to reflect more light out the lens...there is no reflector!

Yeah, you'll be fine running a 195 on a 5.5" wheel width. Depends more on the tire manufacturer than anything else. I've mounted 195/60R14 on my Corolla OEM steelies - those are a 14x5.5 as well - no problems mounting them and they look and ride perfectly fine.

Dunlop SP60, good wet/dry traction with outstanding snow capability for an all season tire.

just got my LED dome light panel from Hong-Kong, its bright! WAY better than a stock festoon bulb.

Airhorn mostly mounted, got the compressor fitted in a great spot...

1. near the battery for power AND direct ground

2. away from road spray, road salt, water

3. within reach of the supplied length of hose (ok, cheated. it was at the exact length, needed a bit of copper tube from an old trans cooler line and a short bit of rubber hose from the scrap box)

Tomorrow...electrical! I have a ato fuse holder with an eyelet ready to supply power, I can make up the ground easily, just have to fine the stock horn on that side of the car and tap its wire..thats going to be the hardest part. I have a bigger electric horn off some old caddy I'm going to swap for the one stocker I tap into. I always never just run the air horn, ALWAYS have a regular horn.

So while I was adding a 6ga ground wire to the car I found that the negative terminal was not firmly clamping the battery, I could actually lift it off by hand! Replaced that and it starts a lot better now! I think I'm going to clean the idle speed motor out when I get back to work, currently snowed into the parking lot...if I could get out of the parking lot I'd be fine.

Looking good! Yeah, you guys got a ton of snow out that way. I'd rather have snow than ice - VDOT doesn't seen get that after it rains, you have to retreat the roads, otherwise all that water freezes at night making the morning commute suck. This morning, roads in my area looked more like an ice rink. Temps in the low 40s that previous day didn't help matters either.

yargh, this thing cranks slow when its cold. I need to test this new battery...I think its wimpy or maybe my power feed to the starter needs some better beef? I'll test the battery tomorrow, I have some snake like braided battery cable at the shop...but no terminals big enough to crimp onto it. I have a buddy who can make me cables..might just cough up a few dollars and have him make me a bigger feed for the starter to ensure its getting full power...after that I don't know. It felt like if I wasn't using 0w-30 it would have been a much harder start. DO starters get weak over time?

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