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By Guest shaun7, April 28, 2010 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest shaun7

1992 Geo Prizm with 121k mi is a Corolla except outer sheet metal and interior cosmetics (I believe 1990-1992 are all the same)  has intermittent fan 1 (radiator fan) that will not jumper when cold due to the two or three other electrical and 1 vacuum item its wired into.

I just fixed a bunch of other items to get this up to snuff. Had been badly neglected by young couple and a delinquent young woman. We really need this car to run right because a kid in a 02 kia talking on a cell pullled in front of my wife and took away our 96 quest I had in very good cond. My wife got hurt and my middle son she had to have surgery and is just now getting to feeling well enough to drive.

We jumpered fan to battery repeatedly is very good.

I tried to download a PDF schematic but the only one I can find is so low resolution and bad scan Mitchell pro that even on 400% magnification I can barely figure out some wire colors only because I am used to reading prints. A pdf factory manual or even a Chiltons or Haynes with schematics would work or just the schematic.

Anyone know how to get these manuals or schematics or whip the fan control problem? Or where all the controlling items are? I can check them myself as I have been wrenching for about 25 years. 

I have three radiator sensors (one original and three salvage) all check out at .4 ohms cold. Took apart the relay box its now looking inside. Have a few extra salvage relays also all act the same seem to get very warm.

This vehicle has been in a small ditch accident with very minor damage before we got it based on the mud and small amount of damage to the car.

e-bay has shop manuals pretty cheap.

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