Recommended 100K/200K Service For '05 Corolla



Hi! We have a 2005 Corolla CE with about 200K miles on it and want to get it serviced when we get it's smog check. Any recommendations? So far I'm looking at servicing/flushing the transmission. Maybe the radiator as well?

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What type of service has it been seeing before? If the transaxle has not been serviced before - should get that addressed ASAP.

A flush would be OK, as long as it is the direct pump connection type. Those require the transmission pan to be dropped and the machine hoses hooked to the bottom of the pump. This will also allow the technician to clean off the magnets as well as the sludge off the bottom of the pan.

Coolant should be changed every 60K miles with the Toyota Red coolant, 100K miles with the Toyota Pink coolant - this generation generally will have the "pink" stuff, assuming it was serviced with OEM fluids. Red coolant is 100% coolant, have to add distilled water to get it to the desired 50/50 concentration. Toyota Pink is already pre-mixed with distilled water at 50/50.

Sparkplugs - assuming those were already changed out. OEM ones are good for up to 120K miles. Aftermarket replacements vary in lifespan - anywhere from 10K miles to 120K miles.

Oil and oil filter change - if that hasn't already happened.

Air filter and cabin air filter replacements - again, if this already hasn't happened.

Other than that - not a whole lot left to check, just visual inspections on the suspension, steering, brakes, wiring, etc.



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fish...I am a little .tranny oil...

axle oil...gear oil?.....differential oil....what is the difference ? are the oils in separate compartment s ?



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Transaxle service here - just replace the ATF in the transaxle. In this generation - the differential and transaxle all share the same fluid/same reservoir. In previous generations and other models - they used two separate reservoirs/fluid requirements.

Rear axle service only on RWD and AWD products - nothing to worry about on the 9th gen Corolla in the North American market.


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