How Good Is Your Corolla On Gas?


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Was wondering how good everyones corolla did on gas. So far the farthest I have got on one tank is 420 miles.



bad bad bad, but mostly my fault, i drive mainly short distance (about 3 km to school) and im getting like 11.1 L/100km



ya, I have a 2000 corolla LE manual, and that's about what I'm getting right now, I probably would have a little more than that, but I had to get an emisions test done this week and that ate up a little out of the tank. I kinda like it though, I used to drive a 1994 jeep grand cherokee lerado, and i had to fill it up about every four days, and it cost about $45.00 to fill the tank. with the carolla, I fill it up about once or twice a month, and only pay about $19.00 so its a very nice change.



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I get 24 city and 30 highway in my 2004 CE with auto and a/c. And that's with the a/c off and good driving habits.

Poor MPG is the ONE complaint I have with my Corolla



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30 city/40 highway. I drive whatever way I feel like driving on any given day!

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Average has been 27.6 MPG, but that is with:

• 90% city driving

• Trips less than 14 miles

• Trips less than 10 minutes

• Freezing cold temperatures in winters

My last tank was 29.2 MPG. This is with a 1993 Geo Prizm LSi 5 SPD Manual, almost 137,000 miles.

Well, theoretically the farthest I could have gone on one tank would be 414.5 miles if you consider my highest MPG. During April vacation I am going to visit my aunt in New York which is all highway driving so I am going to do a test on how this car performs with straight highway driving.

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i get about 500 Km's on a full tank during the winter and now that its finally spring here in T.O. im getting 550 Km's not sure during summer.. but im guessing between 500-600 Km's



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I get around 31 mpg with mixed driving, about 70% city. the highest I ever got was 37mpg while going 100% highway. I have a 95 DX manual.



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My 2005 manual gets ~37 mpg doing mostly city driving. More specifically, that's:

- ~10 miles/~8 red lights each way commute

- 45 mph posted speed limit

- shift @ ~2800 rpm, but cruise in 5th when I get to 45 mph

- almost completely flat roads

- ~70F in the morning

- air con on sometimes

You could say these are quite favorable conditions for good mileage

Went on a 250 mile highway drive once @ ~70 mph but got to the destination and drove around the city a lot on the same tank of gas
, so I couldn't measure the highway mpg, but I estimate it's ~40 mpg.

Sounds like some of you are doing much worse though
. I hope it's mainly to do with driving habits. Even my other 96 Camry V6 manual gets a steady 10L/100km (23 mpg) driven in similar conditions except I shift at ~2000 rpm (nice torque) and it's a very hilly commute.

I can never understand how one gets that high of miles per gallon in the city. I guess my car does well for its age and conditions. I am happy -- fair enough.



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averaging 35 mpg but quickly climbing with the temperatures. this is with rediculously fast freeway driving, compensated with 50 mph side road cruising. she'll see 40 mpg soon enough....



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I've posted my mileage a few times, but here goes again.

I just put on new tires BS Turanza LS-T. Got 43+mpg imperial gallon (~36 mpg US gal). on my last brisk highway drive.

This is down a bit from the best the stock tires did, but I'll take the improved performance every time. It's about a dollar a week or less in extra fuel costs.

I don't usually let my tank get below a 1/4 tank, but I've been doing house renos, and very busy running around with family stuff lately. The last 2 tanks had the low fuel warning light come on at 535 and 532 km's. Pretty consistent.

This is mixed city and highway, over 8-10 days. 15 or 20 cold starts. Some short trips, some longer.

That's 332 and 330 miles to the fuel light respectively.

Oh more thing... on a couple of recent highway trips (not the same ones mentioned above) I went 435 km's to the half way mark and 425 km's to the half way mark on the gauge (270 and 264 miles respectively).

All considered, I'd be willing to try 750 km's per tank (465 miles) between gas stations under good (not necessarily ideal) conditions.

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Just purchased a 2004 Corolla S manual w/ 15k miles. My first three tanks got 37.2, 36.8 & 37.9 MPG. Mostly "rural city" driving conditions (40mph, approx 1 stop per mile, light traffic). I shift at 1800-2200 RPM, avoid quick accellerations, and coast to stop signs/lights as much as possible. I thought with these favorable conditions I could beat the EPA rating of 40mph, but I guess I can't complain.



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2002 S manual. I used to get about ~37mpg with mixed 50/50 city and highway driving. On long highway trips, I could see a bit over 40mph if I drive sane with a tail wind. The worst was about 32mpg. Lately, my gas milage has been declining steadily and I don't know why. It might be the weather heating up, my oem tires getting worn down, or combination of the two. I haven't really change my driving habbits so I am at a lost.



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Went on a service call yesterday, drove out on I80 from Lock Haven to Brookville, about 2 hours at 72MPH up and down hills, then 1 hour on backcountry, average probably about 40MPH, some pretty hard hill climbs to Dayton.

Back home went to Indiana, to Ebensburg, then to Altoona north through State College and then home, probably averaged about 70 MPH on 22, 220 and I80.

I was not being light on the pedal at all, hard accelerations to get on and merge with traffic, lots of good hill climbs (had one outside Indiana, car was going 70 in 4th floored and just maintaining speed for probably about 3/4 mile).

Filled up at Sheetz in Lock Haven on the way out, filled at Sheetz in Lock Haven at the same pump on the way back (always to the first click):

328 miles, 40.8MPG

I felt cheated, I wasn't expecting that. Now I wish I could have gone back and gone much easier on the hill climbs and merging with traffic to see what I can top out at!



Could someone tell me why I am getting such bad gas mileage from my Toyota Corolla 1993. I had my catalytic converter and oxygen sensor replaced and I still only get 17 miles per gallon in the city. I also drive in an extremely concervative way. I don't floor the gas pedal between stop signs like a lot of jerks do and I let the car coast downhills whenever I can. The car has an actual rating of 27 miles per gallon in the city and 34 highway. The mechanic said I don't need a new Air Filter so I have no idea what's wrong.


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