Corolla 2004 Removing Seat Without Airbag Issues


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Just acquired this CE 2004.

I have to redo the floor driver's side because of rust issues.

Can I safely remove passenger and driver's seat without any airbags deployment or other issues.

I know beneath both seats are two white connector I can easily unhook before removing them.

Should I take out the positive cable from the battery.

For a few weeks I would like to drive he car only with the driver's seat and car emptied.

So am I safe doing so without passenger seat in place without airbag issues.

Thanks to this community.



04 Corolla CE 5spd
You can take them out without any problem at all. The connector is just for the seat occupancy sensor... I had to remove and reinstall my driver's seat when it was new, to remove two springs that the dealer (James Toyota in Timmins) had hidden in the boxed metal frame under the seat to create annoying and hard to diagnose noise to 'ensure' that I bring it in for service.

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