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2013 Corolla Door Lock Failure

by franklinpug, June 25, 2017 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

My 2013 is having intermittent door lock issues. Sometimes the drivers side will lock/unlock when I use the remote, other times it wont. Then, other times the passengers side will do the same thing - it will sometimes not lock/unlock when I use the remote. It's infuriating! I have replaced and tested a new battery in my remote/fab. No difference.

Anyone run into this issue, or know how to resolve it? Replacing the solenoid (or solenoids) is very $$$, and I am not sure this is the issue.

Does it lock/unlock 100% of the time with the inside switches? If it does, then that means the solenoids are fine / same with the switches.

Most likely it is caused by poor remote antenna placement on Toyota's part. Some cars seem to be affected than others. My old Matrix wouldn't unlock with the remote until you were pretty much standing right next to the car - pretty useless at that point. But the intermittent nature is what really drove you crazy.

Could try locating the antenna for the keyless entry - can vary in place from car to car - see if you can relocate it for better range. That might help. Also possible that the remote itself is going bad - I've seen a few where the button contacts were corroded and make intermittent contact.

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