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Is My Transmission Blown?

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Have a 2000 Corolla. Last night, driving home, heard a noise, then felt like the brakes were pressed all the time, was about a block from home. Some smoke from the front driver side. Checked this morning with the front jacked up, while in drive, the passenger front wheel spins, the driver side is not moving. Of course it's Sunday so can't get in touch with a mechanic until Monday morning. Is this a symptom of a blown trans?


Seized front driver's side wheel bearing? Did it happen when applying brakes? Do brakes still feel and operate normally?

Do both wheel spin freely by hand? Automatic or standard shift transaxle?

Not unusual for just one wheel to spin with an open diff, when you test it like that. Possible that the driver's side brakes locked up on you (seized caliper) - as alluded to by dom.