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Overheat Problems In Corolla

By doylemoreno, March 23, 2016

I have some problems with my corolla. I don't know whether it is a normal thing. But when comparing to my Honda Civic, the heat is comparatively high, especially after 30 or 40 kilometer drive. Also feeling some issues with power when the air condition is on. I always do proper service for my both vehicles from an auto repair and service in Edmonton. But in case of Corolla I am finding these difficulties while driving. Can somebody give me a solution for this.

Need a bit more information - what model year of the Corolla, how many kilometers you have on the odometer, and what you mean by "overheating".

Overheating - as in the temperature gauge is running past the middle (normal) point? Or do you mean that the heat radiating from the engine / heater inside the cabin?

If the temperature gauge is spiking to the high mark - then that is a big problem. Depending on the model year, it could be from any number of possible culprits.

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