Cannot Get Vehicle Speed Sensor Out

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As I posted elsewhere I am switching a bad 2001 transmission with a 1998 unit. I want to keep the vehicle speed sensor from the 01 provided that it is not damaged, but I cannot get it out. There is supposed to be just one bolt holding it, but it won't budge in any direction after that bolt is out. I can't pry, I can't twist. Is there some secrets to pulling it?

I have had 3 transmissions through my hands and I could not pull the VSS on any of them.

Sounds like that gear inside is hung up on something. Have you tried lightly tapping on it as you pull/twist on the sensor. The clip inside should hold on the geared portion, chances are that o-ring is completely goobered up and holding everything tight to the case. I know others were able to man-handle it off, but a fair number also sheared the pin off inside, adding to their headaches.

Try pouring on the PB Blaster or similar - might just need that little bit of penetrating fluid to come loose.