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Guest ausum_92

1990 5-Speed Dx

By Guest ausum_92, July 9, 2010 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest ausum_92

Guest ausum_92

Hey, I just joined corolland. I drive a 5 speed 1990 dx with a 16 valve dual over head cam engine. I was just seeing if any one out there had any mods or upgrades for this kind of car, thanks!

I didn't like not having a tach so I went to the u-pull wrecking yard and found an le model corolla, pulled the instrument cluster out and put it in mine. Also have been on the hunt for suspension upgrades, sway bars in particular, and have had a little luck. I managed to get the front sway bar off of an all trac 6th generation corolla and had no problem installing that. The rear sway bar is a whole other story, I'm fairly certain they are only found on gts models of the 6th gen cars and have had no luck finding one in the junk yards.......Thats what I've done to mine so far but I'm just doing things on a budget the sky's the limit if you wanna actually spend some dough.....

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