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engine sludge

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Toyota is having engine sludge problems, I do not care what Mr. Cherubini says. Without admitting guilt they sent out letters covering some of their vehicles until 8 years unlimited mileage. There is a problem or they never would have sent this. There will be lawsuits there will be testimony. The truth will be told. Not every person changes there oil on time and they should, but going 3,000 miles without checking your oil is normal for anyone. If there is no oil in your driveway and you are not puffing black smoke on startup then you should have no reason to believe that anything is amiss. The symptoms as reported by thousands are as follows.

1.. Engine light comes on

2.. Black smoke upon start up

This is not occcurring on a small number of Toyotas whose owners do not change oil frequently enough, there is a problem and Toyota knows it that is why they are offering to fix them for 8 years or unlimited mileage. I have owned a Camry. an Avalon and a Sienna. I did not know that 4 cylinder motors were experiencing the same trouble I thought it was just with the 6 cylinders. I am not experiencing any sludge issues with my van at this time. I am experiencing the squealing brake problem, that they are in denial of. Thousands of people have reported this to no avail maybe not directly to Toyota but certainly to mechanic shops around the country. Go to Toyota Owners Unite at MSN and you will hear the real truths or try the complaints will shock most of you. Education is power not alot of lip service and false know it all Mr. Cherubini.


I seem to recall TV ads showing Corolla hoods being weld shut as a marketing gimmick to indicate how durable and maintenance free they are. How does one check the oil every fill up with a hood that is welded shut? Surely the pHD engineers at Toyota would have "tested" this first.

I recall something about automakers being sued for false advertising on TV a decade or so ago. Had to do with showing cars driving through ocean surf. Owners who did so experienced pre-mature rusting (duh!) and were able to get some sort of compensation for the false advertising. Welding of the hood shut sort of gives a seal of approval on not checking under the hood.