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Any Geo Prizm Boards?

by Firescooby, March 2, 2005 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

I am trying to find a 1993-97 Geo Prizm 5 speed. Does anyone know if there are any websites, message boards, etc for a Prizm? I know mechanically they're a Corolla, but just checking.


Guest cobrajet25

I have been here awhile, and the Corolla and Prizm are pretty much discussed interchangeably. Although this is a Corolla forum, there is no real bias here against Prizms since they are Corollas in everything but name. Regards, Aaron

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"Prizm power"'s been in my vocabulary, too. Like this spring, when going uphill in one and the engine made that noise little engines make when you step on it.

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Yup — Prizm (and FWD Nova) were Corollas with Japanese engine tuning and GM radios. Some would say they were actually the better versions. AFAIK they were all made in NUMMI (California) while Corollas in the US could also be made in Canada.

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Both of our Corollas (2003 CE and 2006 S) were made by NUMMI in Bay Area, CA. They also made Pontiac Vibes and Toyota Matrix there. Now, they make Tesla's (not called NUMMI anymore).

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