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  1. When I try to turn on the engine, it makes a loud grinding noise and does not start. would this be a starter problem or worse, a flex plate problem? are corollas known to have flexplate problems?
  2. i use the iridium's on mine, then again it is a pretty penny for each plug. unless you work at O'Reilly's like me then you shouldn't be wasting that much on other plugs other than v-power.
  3. yeah keep using synthetic oil 5-30 for newer cars, I recommend full synthetic. I changed my 95 corolla to synthetic awhile back and my engine seems to idle less since then. *shrugs* miracle? haha
  4. yeah mine is 400 miles away from 160k, its a 95 though. hmm what kind of changes will I be looking for?
  5. The connection to my tail light bulb was bad. I checked and it had orange (rust?) in between. I was wondering if I can clean that orange junk out with WD40 or would it mess up my connection? do you guys recommend any type of cleaner?
  6. on my 95 corolla I had to do a bit drilling. the wiring wasn't that bad. Had to wire it to the sides and through the door (good thing i have weatherstripping) and yeah took me a few hours. the switch was a pain in the ###### though. had to do alot of drilling there. putting it through the dash and all. but in the end it went well.
  7. yeah my fog lights are pretty bright, don't use them much since I don't have much fogging down in Houston.
  8. heard frams are worst in performance. that's why walmart sells frams
  9. yeah I managed to put aftermarket fog lights on my 95 corolla. was a pain in the ######. has anyone tried putting on fog lights?
  10. I hear about corollas having their cv axles worn out. and need of a change? anyone ever changed theirs out?
  11. yeah just switched to royal purple trans and motor oil at 144,000. so far so good.
  12. anyone have rough idling? I have on and off rough idling, don't know what it is though. maybe my motor mounts are going bad? anyone else have rough idling on their corolla?
  13. yeah but i hear about that myth with changing to synthetic will cause leaks. others say that it removes sludge from the dry unlubricated seals, so it'll result with a dry seal. then oil goes through. not sure. anybody know anything about the high mileage synthetic myth?
  14. hey I was wondering I have nearly over 100k miles and wanted to change to synthetic motor and transmission oil. any tips on my oil change intervals would be after I change it to synthetic?
  15. hey guys just wondering for you guys that drive a 93-97 corolla, if there is any problems that occur like fuel pumps going out or anything. I drive a 95 corolla and was wondering to look for a heads up on what might need to be changed. I have 150k miles on mine.