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  1. With 45 litres in the tank, I can usually get 700 km's (approx. 420 miles) doing mostly highway (around 70 mph).
  2. 5 minutes next time for sure, whenever that will be. There was so many leaves and dirt in the one I pulled out.
  3. I just replaced mine today. Looks like it has never been replaced, 118,00 km on my car. $20 at Partsource. Took me 10 minutes to do it.
  4. It shameful Toyota would put such crappy tires on the Corolla.
  5. Nice site. I'm from Hamilton, my car is in my sig.
  6. Look like excellent tires, both for dry and wet weather as well as snow. Tremendous mileage. What do they run? Got them for $582 CAD. So about $500 USD. A little bit pricey but well worth the money.
  7. Can't go wrong with Michelin Harmony's. I have them on my car, MUCH better dry and wet grip than those junky Integrity's that were on there. They are rated for 80,000 miles.
  8. Here's mine: Kenwood Excelon X889 I love it! Tons of options and it looks cool at night.
  9. Is that Canadian mpg? If it is, that's what I'm about getting on my car. About 44-47 mpg (mostly highway) with the warmer weather here.
  10. Looks like I'll be the market for a set of tires before too long. The Integritys are wearing fast on my Corolla, and I've only had the car a little over 2 years. I'll look into the Michelin Harmonys, and probably Toyo Ultras. $582 Canadian installed. Some of the best money I've ever spent, besides buying a Corolla.
  11. Welcome to Corolland! Enjoy your stay, lots of people here to help you out if you have any questions.
  12. You are not alone. My wife has to put a cushion on the driver seat and pull the seat very close to the steering wheel in order to drive our 2000 corolla. Even that, she still doesn't like Echo. Echo's handling can be horrible in windy areas, like some places in Ontario. Driving in Ontario with my Corolla, when it's windy I have to hang on for dear life.
  13. I've also had similar mileage drops in the winter. Thought it was just me...
  14. In Ontario: 16 years old: G1 licence (written test) 1 year after that: Driving test for G2 licence Another year after that: Harder driving test for full G licence