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  1. Just checked records. Dealership changed O2, AFM, plugs, wires, injectors, coilpacks, All in the last year, problem not fixed. nearly 4k, and still havnt found the prob. Ouch.
  2. Just replaced the upstream O2 last summer, now downstream failing. Can't go over 45 uphill, downshift causes bogging. idle exhaust is not very forcefull, but it is a 4 cyl... No whif of oil or gas in radiator. No trouble filling tank, tho a bit of gas smell when starting. oil burning is going down a couple oz,s a month, since we started changing it less. No choclate milk there.... Water resivoior not dropping noticebly, even in desert sw. 200k miles, but not a lot of long trips on this vehicle. Big altitude gains/losses as daily driver. 3500 to 5000 ft a day. Dealer charged us a 1k last year trying to fix. No fix. i replaced O2 , ran pretty good till now... 2001 le, 1.8l I understand there is a computer/software bug in these cars, and there is a big downhill coast/engine brake happening in afternoon after starting, which would increase rich fuel loading, but am suspecting Cat now...

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