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  1. I've got a real bad problem right now with my dash/tail light fuse. Last year this fuse blew once, we replaced it and it worked no problem. This year it blew again, replaced it and it worked. But shortly after that, maybe a couple of weeks it blew again. And after that, every new fuse we put in would instantly blow. Took it to the mechanic-they looked at the wiring, installed a new instrument cluster (he claimed the old one had a short in it, but that clearly was not the problem) and sent us on our way. Well my fuse blew as soon as I got my car home. Took it to the shop AGAIN, this time it was there for a week, and they said they can't really find the cause, but that perhaps its the wiring from my sunroof that is causing the problem. My sunroof was put in by a Toyota dealership when the car was bought brand new. After the second time at the mechanic, a new problem came up from whatever they did. Now, no matter what setting you have my dimmer switch on, the overhead light will. not. turn. off. Ever. So they took out the bulb of my overhead light so it wouldn't be on while I was driving. Oh and then my fuse blew again once I got my car home. The mechanic said they tried as hard as they could to get the new fuse to blow and they couldn't. But it pretty much instantly blows as soon as I drive my car. The stereo system is original, nothing has been changed or added. The only thing that I have in my car that is different is, I just got a new phone so I have a new charger in my car that I plug in to my cigarette lighter. Now, I don't know if that could be in any way related to what is going on but that is the only new thing I have in my car. It's not like the fuse blows as soon as I plug my phone in or something. Does anyone have ANY ideas at all? I need my car every single day and I can't keep it in the shop this much!