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  1. hi everyone, I have a 2001 Corolla LE Auto, with 140k on it. I bought it when it had just under 130k. The motor, especially when cold, almost sounds like it's knocking. It's not quite a knock, but you can hear a distinct repeating sound, especially when accelerating. If I accelerate (without it downshifting), it makes a similar sound. As soon as it downshifts, and the RPM get up, the sound goes away. Like I said, it's especially noticeable when it is cold. It's hard to describe - it just doesn't sound pure like a newer corolla, or even my old '92 Camry (which has over 200k on it). I had a mechanic look at it, and he said something about needing to adjust my injectors. He wasn't worried about, he just said you could hear them when it was cold. And I had another guy ask me if I had adjusted my injectors yet. I wasn't aware (nor am I finding any resources) that you could adjust injectors. Any ideas? The only thing I've done to it since I have owned it is replace the tires, front brakes, and change the tranny fluid / filter. Only reason I ask now is it's begun sounding a little worse recently. Something else I should mention is that when I first accelerate (less than 5MPH), it makes a loud sound. I was told this is the AC compressor, and the sounds goes away as soon as I give it any gas (it won't do it in neutral, only in drive). I am also throwing an EVAP leak code on the engine. Where should I begin? I know about changing basic things like the spark plug and wires, but if someone has some input, I wanted to start there first. Can the timing chain stretch at all, and make it get a little out of time? Jared
  2. Thanks for your input! I noticed because a vibration. When I first got the car, it was all out of alignment, the tires had worn funny - so its wandered, shuddered, and got a little squirly in wet conditions. But the last couple times, I could just feel a vibration @ around 60-70mph. And no, the technician never gave me details, other than they put it in a balancer and you could obviously tell it was off. So here is my question - I read in some places that "if you bent a steel wheel, you're going to bend an alloy wheel". Yet anytime I look at technical data (wikipedia, tireRack), they all say alloy is a stronger wheel. I don't mind buying nice alloy wheels, but I don't want to be moving backwards.
  3. Here are the answers to your questions, as best I can. 1) stock is185/65R14, but I believe I have R15's on there now (thats what I had on the car when I got it). The brand is goodyear, not sure on the actual model (don't have the car handy) 2) No, when the first set was bent, they said I had bad tires. So when I first bought the car, I purchased 4x new tires (goodyear) 3) They have been rotated probably 4x times in the last 6 months 4) No, I don't use a torque wrench. I just occasionally check them to make sure they are still tight.
  4. Hey people, I recently bought a 2001 Toyota Corolla CE Auto with 130,000 miles on it (purchase early this year). When I bought it, I noticed it had a bit of a wobble to it. So I took it in, they said I needed new front Rims. So I went to the junkyard, bought used rims, the guy that installed them said they were straight. A couple months later, I noticed a wobble in the rears. So I took it in, and they said all the rims were bent (including the front ones). So I went to a different junkyard, bought 4 rims. 3 months later, it starts to wobble. I take it in, they tell me I have bent front rims. WTF?? I drive it around 35 miles a day on the highway, very rarely do I ever take it on a backroad (gone camping with it I think twice). The worst bump I hit is a railroad as I turn onto the highway. I have heard that Corolla's Rims bend really easy. I drive this car everyday, and am tired of this problem. So here is my question: What rim should I buy that is better than these crappy stock steel rims? I was looking at OCz Rims ... but does anyone have a better suggestion?