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Which aftermarket catalytic converter for 2000 Corolla

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I have a 2000 Corolla, 200K miles with DTC P0420.  It has a new spark plugs, few year old MAF sensor, and two new O2 sensors.  The P0420 comes back every time soon after I clear the code with a scan tool. (Actually the code comes back quicker after the O2 sensors are replaced by new ones.) The scan tool cannot make plots, but every time O2 sensor 1 has low voltage (high O2 level), sensor 2's voltage also goes low within a second.  I think this means the catalytic converter cannot remove much O2 from the upstream.  I think I should still check if there are leaks in exhaust systems and fuel injectors.  

If I ended up needing a new catalytic converter, which brand, model would you recommend?  I heard that some aftermarket ones don't work very well.



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