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I have a 04 corolla LE 126,000 miles on it. I have never got a transmission flush only have changed the fluid. So should I get a flush? Or I can just keep getting the fluid change? Will it hurt my car since I've never gotten a flush and it has so many miles? I want to keep the car for a while longer and I want to do whatever it needs to keep it running good and last a long time.



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No transmission flush is needed. You should drain and refill with fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid 2-3 times though. Each time drive it for 100 miles or so then drain and refill.



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I agree.. flushing usually leads to forcing crap where it should be... It is a pain to change the fluid 2 - 3 times but its necessary and if your handy you can install a drain plug in your tranny pan to make the drain aspect easier. ..or use a fluid pump throu the dipstick..


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No "flush" required, just a simple drain and fill when you change your oil (do you change your own oil?). Do that 3 or 4 times and you'll be good to go.

I never used synthetic fluid, the factory fill is conventional oil and that is good enough, unless you are racing or pulling a trailer.



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Make sure the transaxle fluid used is Toyota Type T-IV ATF compliant. Use of non-spec fluid may contribute to unusual transmission performance (slipping, noises, etc.)


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