Toyota Corolla Aisan Carburetor Rebuild


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In this post, I am providing the repair-manual pages, actual photos, and a few warnings if you intend to rebuild your carburetor.

Here is the Fuel System chapter from the 1985 Toyota Corolla FWD Repair Manual for the Aisan carburetors, including 16030.

IMPORTANT: In order for the pages to display correctly, use View --> Page Display --> Two-Up in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Toyota Corolla 1985 FWD Repair Manual Fuel System (Aisan carburetor, including 16030)

Here are the photos of the rebuild of the 4A-LC Aisan 16030 carburetor of my 1985 Corolla LE (FWD) with US Federal emissions:

Toyota 4A-LC Aisan 16030 carburetor rebuild -- complete teardown

Good luck rebuilding the carburetor.

A few warnings:

Get a Great Neck impact drive from Autozone to be able to remove the flange screws without damaging them.

Use a quarter-dollar coin in the needle-valve strainer and turn it with pliers.

A sawed-off flat screwdriver may be useful for removing jets.

You need a very thin-walled 9 mm drive to be able to remove the power piston.

Take a photo at every step so that you can put things back correctly.

Larger jet is the secondary jet, smaller is the primary.

Be very careful not to drill into the idle-mixture screw. Go very slowly. Punch a dot in the exact center of the MAS plug first so that the drill bit will be stable. The screw is only 2 mm under the plug.

Use goggles when you use compressed air with carb cleaner so that you don't get it in your eyes.

You can use short teflon-tubing pieces to replace broken plastic bushings.

Don't damage the cold-mixture heater. They don't make it anymore. It only makes a complete circuit when it's installed and don't incorrectly assume that the heater wire is broken -- it's not.

Get the correct flange gaskets if they don't come with the kit. Chances are that they won't. You can also make your own gasket from FEL-PRO sheet gasket material -- readily available and cheap at auto stores -- probably much higher quality than aftermarket gaskets in the kits.

Don't overtighten any mounting bolt or screw. if you tighten the gaskets too much, they can start leaking in a few years.

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