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I have a few scratches on both sides of my ride and i want to get some nice stickers/ paint or whatever they used on all those cars in tokyo drift/fast and furious movies. How would I do this and are those just different designs or what?



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Most of those graphics are vinyl wraps or transfer stickers. The base paint has to be clean or the resulting finish will be terrible (bubbles, pits, etc.). If you have some scratches - depending on how deep they are - I would just polish those out. Save some money in the process and not get those vinyls. Might want to photchop those on your car to see how they look - most people that get them, regret it almost immediately. I would keep the car clean - no stickers, vinyls.



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Those stickers can get pretty expensive.

They are custom die-cut from a large sheet of vinyl.

Just a sticker that says Toyota or Corolla to go across the top of your windsheild can cost $100 (dep on where you find it), so for a full body job, you are talking $$$$.

I guess the other thing you could do is airbrush a custom paint job. but again, anything custom = $$$.

Dep on how bad your paint is now, might be cheaper to just get a cheap paint job (of the same color).

good luck


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