There's Must Be Something Wrong With My Corolla


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Today I was climbing a 30 40 degree hill and a 2000 Toyota Yaris (I think you call them Echoes) passed me
. I think the echo is 1.5 L and I have a 1.8 1999 rolla. I was impressed. I was full throtle but I couldn´t reach the car.

What can it be wrong. My car is in excellent conditions. Last time I made tuned up the car but I had no improvements.



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Mine is manual Too. I was in a strong gear
. Can it really be that the echo is lighter, so is faster than mine? The car didn't seem modified



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Toyota Echo with a 1.5L VVT-i will out run a similarly equipped Corolla with a 1.8L non-VVT-i car. If it was between a 2000 Corolla and 2000 Echo - be almost even. That extra weight is what causes it - almost 300lbs difference for a car that only makes 12HP less.

Modified Echos have been known to outrun cars like Integra Type R's - the performance of the stock looks bad on paper, but runs completely different on the road.



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Like mentioned above, the echo has a better power ot weight ratio.

THe Echo has approx 18.3 lbs to push per HP. While the Corlla has 20lbs/HP. The Echo also has shoprter gear which compensates far it's narrower powerband.

My Accord for example has 19.4 by taller gearing so at low speeds the Corolla is quicker, but passing at freeway speeds it has an advantage. The larger displacement Accord 4 cylinder also has a much wider powerband, so it has a more substantial HP advantage over a wider range.

For another comparison, my Motorcycle with a 180lb rider has 4.6lbs per HP! A 3000lb car needs 650HP to match that. The newest motorcycles are 3.7lbs/hp!!! The same car will need 800HP to match that.


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