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I have a 94 LE.

When I first start the car in the mornings or after it has sit for a long time, and I put the car in reverse, the car vibrates rather harshly and also makes a loud vibrating noise. This started a few months ago and has become progressive worse. Although, after the car has been operating awhile, and I put it in reverse, it is as smoothe as the day I bought it. I have noticed a similar, although less harsh, vibration at idle, if I put the car in neutral. I'm used to this car running so smooth you don't even know it is on.

About two years ago, the dealership told me that an engine mount looked like it stared to leak its fluid. I'm guessing this is the cause, but would like your input as well.



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A worn mount could definitely cause some issues with vibration, especially before the engine fully warms up. Those can take an extreme amount of abuse - but if the dealership is correct and it started to go bad two years ago - even they can wear to the point of potentially causing further damage.

Those are sort of the things you need to stay on-top of - they can only be let go only so long. Since it has been getting progressively worse, assuming that maintenance of the car has not changed, could be a sign of the bad mount(s) causing excessive powertrain movement that is accelerating the wear/tear on the remaining mounts - possible contact with the chassis.

Just to be sure, have it inspected again, see what the mounts look like. Also check for any obvious signs of contact between the powertrain and chassis/body. Sometimes a heatshield can touch the drivetrain - which could transfer a significant amount of vibration into the cabin.

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