Khan Raheel

Khan Raheel

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I booked my corolla xli automatic from a dealership in karachi in jan 2019 and now I got the car but I didnt find rear windshield brake lamps in my corolla xli that was manufactured in indus motors karachi and later shipped to the dealership here.

Why it is not.present in the car? What should i do now in this regard? 

Kindly reply


Khan Raheel



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Agreed, it seems like a dealership issue, and if that fails, check the owner's manual/glove compartment info to get the address of Toyota in your country (Pakistan?). Weird thing to leave out!  Are they mandatory (legally required)? If not, the distributor might be saving money on bulbs, and then you may have to buy your own.

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High Rolla

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Dealerships have a tendency to get things like this mixed up by not marking down parts taken out or parts replaced. As mentioned, contact your dealer first and if all else fails, try contacting Toyota. 


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