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I am looking at buying a Corolla liftback (hatchback) made anywhere between '98 and '01 but I seem to be noticing a decrease in trunk (boot) capacity since my last model Corolla. I am in Australia, so it may be a regional thing, but I've also heard word that Toyota may have adopted a global model approach to their car making, so I'm hoping any overseas information I can get may help me as much as local information.

I currently own an AE82 Corolla CSX Seca 5 door liftback (hatchback) from approximately 1983 - 1985. I find the trunk (boot) capacity to be quite large in this model and am looking at something in a hatchback/liftback with similar or greater trunk capacity (without having to fold the back seats down). It's nice to be able to leave the car in the supermarket parking lot with week's worth of groceries safely hidden in the back!

Does anyone know anything about trunk capacity in a '98 - '01 Corolla Hatch/Liftback? Any help would be most welcome.

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Unfortunantly, a hatch/liftback variant was not available in the North American market in that generation of Corolla - we only got the sedan/saloon equivalent, but we do have some overseas forum members that might be able to help. Only in 2003 did we get something that was a hatch/liftback variant - the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe clones. There the cargo capcity was about 22 cubic feet (620 liter)s with the seats up, about 53 cubic feet (1510 liters) with them folded down.

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Ditto Fishes comment.

We haven't had a real Corolla wagon (estate) since the early 90s in the US.

All we have is the 4 door sedan (saloon) and that is all we will ever have.

Since Toyota sees the Matrix as a Corolla wagon and has no interest in a Celica, we will never see a Corolla Coupe either.




Wow, it's a real shame the North American market never saw the zippy little hatchback Corollas of the 80's and 90's. They were a dependable little car which continue to see many an Australian get from point A to point B very happily.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.



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