cant get cv axle to fully seat


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hi i am new to this forum i hope i can get some help for my toyota corolla 2009 i recently replaced my passenger side cv axle and i cant get it flush to the tranny there is a small gap this is i already ruined 1 by hammering it this is my second axle please help i am attaching a pic of my problem please someone shed some light on it 

thanks in advance

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Usually, when an axle doesn't want to seat completely in (click in) - that is due to the c-clip being distorted and/or there is some dirt or debris that got into the splines and causing it to not be able to slide in.  Because of that gap - looks like it is a distorted clip.  Pretty tough to damage an axle when you install it - shouldn't be wailing on the axle with anything more than a rubber mallet, if you have to hit it with a hammer - just quick/light taps.  

Also double check that the depth of the splines match up to the original axles.  I've seen some replacement ones that were just slightly longer than OEM - it cause it to not fully seat in place, even through the clip was engaged.


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